Pranic Hitha

"Life treatment ", "Pranic Hitha" whatever the name is it is a wonderful gift that we got. This therapy didn't come from abroad. It’s birth place is our India. To be more precise we can proudly say that it came from Andhra Pradesh. In Bhagavadgith Lord Krishna told Anjuna that he blessed "vivasatwa" with this therapy. It was handed down from "vivasatwa" to "Ikshwakas" hand from "Ikshwakas" to "pallavas". In this manner this therapy was transferred from gurus to gurus and was kept as a secret. In olden days people used to depend on nature for treating diseases. In areas like deserts,plateaus where plant are not planted and where nature is not supported,people in those areas will die of diseases.

Pallava's king "Bodhi dharma" knows the highest pranic treatmenti technics. He left his kingdom, wife and children and became a monk to help and treat people who are suffering, by crossing Himalayas. From that same method, "Pranic Hitha " has been formed. This method does not required any food restrictions and medicines our goal is to let other people know about this wonderful treatment which has been kept as a secret.

The human body can be used to treat the chakras in the inner boby, thus, preventing many diseases. "Pranic Hitha " treats many disorders and diseases like fever, allergies, B. P, sugar, liver diseases , joint diseases, kidney problems, psychological problems, Autism.

Not only that "Pranic Hitha" teaches people to do life treatment by themselves through classes making them "Pranic hithus" "Bahujana hitaya" "Bahujana sukhaya" is the Bodhi Dharma slogan, our desire to bring light to every intellect.

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